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  • When you plan your girlfriend’s bachelorette party, remember to hire a bachelorette party limo so that you can all stick together and no one has to worry about getting pulled over by the police for DUI, or worse.  There are 3 other important rules to throwing a great bachelorette party. Definitely we can make this list longer, but let’s face it you are not likely to read it all anyway.

    Make a Plan

    There is a large difference between having a plan and writing a big list of things to do. Is it going to be one big night of fun or weekends girls-only trip? Select the activities ahead of time. Write them down. Develop a sequence of events that will be care free and smooth. Once you know what activities you want to perform, call one of our supportive attendants at (845) 260-6502 and he will figure out how long it will take to get from one place to the next, and even advise an order that might support you to organize the party. You also have to find the perfect timing for the bachelorette party.  Please, please, please don’t be the ones that reserve the bachelorette party limo for the night before the wedding! This is a very bad idea. We have seen this happen before and it forever ends wrong. Blood shot eyes do not relate with white gowns. Just don’t do it.

    Have Fun

    The bachelorette party is all about you girls having excitement together with the future bride and making a chance for her to forget about all the wedding preparation stresses. Remember that this is her party. Maria wants everyone to get relaxing spa treatment. Jen favors sipping lattes dreaming over a classy naked model. Suzie advised going to a few beefcake gay clubs. All stunning ideas mind, depending on the bride. The important here is to think about what she would like. Now if she is generally demure and quite quiet, that does not necessarily mean you get all the ladies together for a passive weekend of yoga meditation. Maybe she only cannot wait for a chance to let her hair down with her most fun gang. Point here is to talk the type of party with her in advance. If she loves sexy naked men then go to a strip club. If she is not relaxed with strange privates, you ought to respect that. The key is to schedule activities that she would really enjoy, and let Andy get you all there sound and safe in a bachelorette party limo, one of our stylish SUV limos or fun exciting vans.

    Be Safe

    You want an expert chauffeur and he will shuttle you all over town sound and safe. No concerns about DUIs or a mishap when you hire a pro like Andy. Definitely he has seen his share of fun pastries, penis hats, and open-minded undergarments, but every fun party is special. You can trust your driver to chauffer you all over town sound and safe, so you and your girls can focus on the excitement. If you plan on hitting the strip clubs and getting a pretty wild, be sure to stay combine and keep an eye on your future bride. She is celebrity for the night and she will get all sorts of big fun focus.

    So are you ready to throw a stunning bachelorette party in Westchester and class it up like you are celebrities and own the town? Give us a fast ring at (845) 260-6502 or fill our easy form for a problem free quote for a bachelorette party limo. Of you are on the internet and don’t want to chat right now, just fill out the contact form and we will call you back later.